Atlanta Building Company was founded for the purpose of providing exceptional value and quality for projects of virtually all sizes and budgets. Most construction companies pay very little attention to purchasing of materials and labor costs. Instead, they choose to work in a comfort zone of select suppliers and subcontractors. This comfort zone might make it easier to manage the construction, but it does not insure that the customer is getting the best value.  Our mission is to provide superior remodeling and building services for our clients, while carefully managing project costs to insure the customer will get the best value possible.  These goals are accomplished by:

  • Communicating with the customer to make sure the project design and specifications will fit into the intended budget.
  • Maintaining a database of strategic alliances with suppliers and subcontractors that are high quality, fiscally stable, and embrace the same business principles we follow.
  • Carefully managing the construction project to make sure the best materials and craftsmanship practices are utilized.
  • Follow a production schedule and keep it updated as the project progresses.
  • Providing the best warranty services to our clients by promptly correcting any defective work.
  • Being aware of how we affect the neighborhoods where we work and treating the residents with courtesy and respect.
  • Taking advantage of the many educational opportunities through the various trade associations to keep up with the latest code changes and stay on the cutting edge of all the latest advancements in the construction industry.