We are a full service design-build firm that allows our customers to take their dreams from concept to completion.  We provide preliminary estimating and value engineering throughout the design phase to make sure the project matches the budget requirements.   Generally, we classify projects in either of two categories:



This is the client that already has a complete set of working drawings and specifications.  For this client we would:

  • Make a site visit to determine existing conditions.
  • Perform a detailed estimate of construction.
  • Work with the client to value-engineer the project for the intended budget.


This is the client that has a dream of what they want to accomplish, but does not have drawings, or worked out the details and specifications of a project.

Generally, the Design-Build Method used by Atlanta Building Company follows this path:

  • A preliminary design meeting is scheduled on site to discuss the homeowner’s “wish list” and preliminary budget
  • A preliminary architectural services agreement is prepared for the homeowner’s approval
  • Existing conditions measurements and photographs are taken
  • Using Computer Aided Design software, existing conditions drawings are prepared
  • A “working design meeting” is scheduled with the homeowner on site
  • For most projects, sketching various design concepts with the homeowner’s immediate input, the architect is able to conclude this “working design meeting” knowing all parties are in agreement with the design direction
  • Preliminary concept design drawings are prepared for the homeowner’s review
  • If necessary, revisions will be made to the preliminary concept drawings for the homeowner’s final approval
  • The builder takes these plans and begins to make an estimate of probable construction costs
  • If the estimate of probable construction costs meets with the homeowner’s approval, a contract for construction will be executed and a start date established
  • Construction drawings will be produced in order to obtain a building permit

If estimated costs exceed what the homeowner wishes to invest in the project, modifications to the plans will be made to bring the design into alignment with the preliminary budget